Girls, it's time to get a break from your daily beauty and dress up routine, which can give you headaches sometimes. How about relaxing a bit while dressing up a male celebrity like handsome Zac Efron for a change? Male fashion is not as complicated as female fashion, as men don't have that many fashion items to choose from. Girls spend lots of hours shopping and they such a big variety of choices that it is hard to make up one's mind. While it's known that men need just a few minutes to find the clothes, shoes or accessories they want. American actor Zac Efron is famous for his role in the movie High School Musical. He is out shopping for new t-shirts, trousers and men's shoes. Wanna be the actor's fashion stylist and advise him which men's clothes and accessories fit him the most? Mix and match the tops, bottom, shoes and hats in this men's fashion store and dress the celebrity actor in lots of fashionable star outfits. Have a great time playing this brand new Zac is Back celebrity dress up game!