While dressing up for her wedding, this beautiful bride is rehearsing her vow in her mind. She is very nervous and she wants everything to come out perfectly. She needs your help to put together her bridal outfit. Dress up the bride in a beautiful bridal dress, bridal veil, flower bouquet and tiara. The bride needs her hair done as well, so choose a fabulous bridal hairstyle and hair color. Curly updos are in trend this season. Hair tied in a bun at the back with a glam tiara in the front and loose curls on the sides would look super hot on the bride to be. Wavy long hairdos with highlights are also on vogue and would look spectacular on any bride, giving her a French princess look. Find the perfect hair color and highlights color combinations for the hairstyle the bride will wear while saying her wedding vow. There are a few gowns that the bride fancies, so which one is the it dress? Should she wear a princess, a vintage or a modern dress? Have fun playing this brand new Wedding Vow Vogue dress up game!