Mandy is the happiest girl on planet Earth. She gets married in a few weeks in a fairytale like location wearing the perfect princess bride outfit, just as she wished for. It was not easy finding the right wedding dress, but the whole dress chasing hustle was worth the while. Mandy found the most exquisite bridal gown, shoes, veil, jewels and bridal bouquet. Now she must concentrate on her wedding cake. She wants it make entirely out of chocolate. She does not know yet of the frosting will be white or black, but she has the most delicious recipe ever. Help Mandy cook her wedding cake from scratch. Make the batter mixing the ingredients shown in the picture with an electric kitchen blender. Don't forget to add four bitten eggs! Pour the batter in three trays of different shapes and bake them in the oven. Remove the cake layers from the trays when they are baked. Make the chocolate fillings and toppings following the cooking directions. Have a fabulous time playing our newest cooking game!