Elsa and Ben wanna test their kissing skills participating in a Valentine's Day kissing contest. An injury spoils their fun though during the Valentine's Day kissing event. A decoration falls off the ceiling on the young couple in love causing them body injuries. Elsa and Ben need medical care asap. Elsa has a few broken teeth and lip wounds, while Ben has a bleeding head injury. Don't let the unfortunate accident get in the way of their Valentine's Day celebration. Take the injured couple to the emergency room and treat them. Clean Ben's head wound removing the glass pieces, wiping the blood and using antiseptic lotion to prevent infection. A surgical procedure must be performed to close the deep cut. Sew and bandage the head injury. Elsa needs a dentist intervention to fix his damaged teeth. Once you have finished the dentist intervention, you must also repair her lip cuts with the help of plastic surgery. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new management game!