Some women collect shoes, jewelry or bags. Kristen collects unique pants, some of them custom made at fashion designer studios. Vintage, colorful, elegant and office, her unique pants are like none seen before. Help Kristen accessorize them with the right tops, over tops, shoes, bags and studs. There are elegant and casual blouses, shirts, denim vests, blazers and trenches in her closet to go with each pair of trousers. What top should she wear with the retro white or grey pants? Pick a stylish shirt for the pink modern trousers and something more street casual for the skinny biker jeans. Design the perfect outfit to match the coats hanging up in Kristen's wardrobe. Add a touch of color using bright red and orange hand bags, green shoes or purple hat. Does this unique style suit your fashion tastes, girls? Would you wear Kristen's clothes? Have a great time playing our brand new dress up games!