Barbie is on her first trip to Italy with her boyfriend. They look forward to visiting the famous Italian landmarks and taste the Italian cuisine. Pasta and pizza are traditional food in Italy, but Barbie hopes to discover other delicious dishes as well. She wants to go shopping on popular fashion desigers boulevards. Dress up Barbie for her amazing trip to Italy in fashionable outfits for all these activities. What should she wear when she goes sightseeing or shopping? How about an evening attire for a romantic restaurant dinner? Create day and night attires to cover varied fashion styles from sport to street casual and elegant. Select the most stylish dresses for the night events they attend. Dress up Barbie in comfy casual tops, skirts and denim jeans for her shopping spree. Go for a t-shirt and shorts or a summer dress and flats when it comes to walking and visiting touristic sights. Have fun playing our hot new dress up game, ladies!