This beautiful bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. Who can blame her? She will wear the most ravishing bridal dress, make up, jewelry and hairstyle. The wedding cake must be perfect also, so she will bake it herself. The cute bride has a true passion for cooking and she trusts her dessert making skills. Cook the perfect wedding cake with the lovely bride to be. Have all the ingredients ready to make the batter. Mix flour, milk, sugar, eggs and butter. Pour the batter mixture in three trays of different sizes and bake them in the oven. Place the layers one on top of the other. Cooking is over, so now you must concentrate on decorating the cake. Select the wedding fondant, toppings and ornaments. White whipped cream, fruits, roses, pearls, ribbons and candy sprinkles are fabulous decorating suggestions. Make the bride happy with your dessert masterpiece. Have a great time playing our newest cooking game!