American sweetheart Taylor Swift is pampering herself today with a new manicure at this VIP Barbie nails salon. Be the star singer's manicurist and put to work your awesome nails artist skills. Give her a fabulous manicure followed by a trendy chic nails decorating session. Begin with a nail treatment, using a spray and cotton pads to clean the nails. Next, use the cuticle pusher to take care of the cuticles. Finish the manicure part cutting the nails with a nail clipper according to the shape desired by the teen celebrity. Apply a base coat to protect the nails before decorating Taylor's nails with fashionable metallic nail polish colors and patterns. Create lots of gorgeous Barbie style nail designs for the country pop diva and accessorize each design with a cute glitzy glam ring. Have a fantastic time playing this new nails game!