Betty is having her first tattoo done today. Her bff is a tattoo baby ink master and Betty is on good hands coming to her ink art salon. The girls are gonna have a fabulous gossip girl time together. While the baby ink master is imprinting her art work on the back of Betty, you can keep them company dressing both bffs in fancy chic outfits. Check out the trendy tops, bottoms, dresses, jewels and hairdos the girls have and dress them up in lots of feminine and ultra modern fashionista attires. Match each top with a chic skirt, shorts or pants and accessorize their fashionable teen dresses with the right studs and body tattoos. Just one tattoo might not be enough, so pick the one you like the most for each body area. Which one looks hotter, the one on the leg, arm or chest? Enjoy playing this awesome new dress up game!