This cute mermaid loves swimming with dolphins. They are her best friends and she can rely on them no matter what. The ocean princess invites you to a fun playtime with the smart creatures. Help her dress up first, then enjoy a fabulous swimming time with her dolphins. You can try to train a dolphin playing My Dolphin Show only on! That sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn't it? Give the beautiful mermaid a fashion glamorous look dressing her up in a glam top and bottom. Spray lots of glitter on her hairstyle and add gorgeous pearl jewelry. Match each bra top with the perfect fishtail bottom and don't forget the princess tiara either. What outfit should the mermaid wear today, girls? A sparkly pink princess attire is a stunning dress up idea. Blue and purple suit her blonde hair as well. Will she spend hours in front of the mirror getting dressed up or will she be ready in a few minutes? Have a blast playing our brand new dress up game!