What is your favorite dessert? Is it a special kind of cake, pie, cupcakes or cookies? How about sweet gummy candy? The fantastic news is that you have in front of you the best sweet gummy candy recipe in the world. Get ready for an amazing dessert cooking class during which you will learn how to make delicious soft candies. Select the necessary ingredients to make the candy mixture, then add various food coloring like red, yellow, blue or orange. Pour the batter in trays with funny molds like hearts, teddy bears or fish. You can make yummy red hearts and yellow teddies for example. Use other mold shapes if you fancy. You don't have to bake the trays in the oven. Leave them in the freezer instead for a while, then decorate the gummy candies with all sorts of sprinkles. How awesome is that! Have an amazing time playing our brand new cooking game!