Do you like eating meatballs? Well, today I have this great meatballs recipe for you called Swedish style meatballs. Play Swedish style meatballs cooking game and learn to make delicious Swedish style meatballs, a traditional Swedish cuisine dish. Enrich you cooking knowledge with this new Swedish style meatballs recipe, which you can make easily in your own kitchen. Check out the ingredients and the cooking directions of this yummy meatballs recipe and when you are done playing this free online cooking game, start making Swedish style meatballs in your own kitchen. Spent some quality time with your mom cooking Swedish style meatballs for your lunch or dinner. To make Swedish style meatballs, we need minced steak meat, cut onion, garlic, parsley, one egg, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs. We mix all these ingredients together to make the meatballs mixture, then we roll the meatballs and we fry then on a heated pan with oil. Have a great time playing this cooking game!