Welcome to this cooking school! Today our master chef will show you how to make a famous food dish from the Japanese cuisine called sushi. This Japanese food is popular all over the world and it consists of combining cooked rice with raw fish or seafood. Our school master chef has a fabulous secret sushi recipe which our restaurant clients can't have enough of. This is your unique chance to find out how to make a delicious sushi at home, so pay attention! First cut raw cucumbers into long and thin slices. Next cut the raw fish into slices. Make an omelet in the shape of 2 pancakes and cut it in thin long slices just like the cucumbers. Can you guess the secret ingredient? All these ingredients must be rolled up in cooked rice and seaweed leaves placed on a bamboo mat. Each roll must be cut into slices which are placed on a plate and eaten with soy sauce. Enjoy playing this new cooking game!