Are you ready to have lots of fun with our brand new cooking game? Today you are making super sushi rolls, an awesome recipe taken from the Japanese cuisine. The ingredients needed for today's cooking class are rice, ham, cheese and a secret yummy sauce. Wash the rice a few times and boil it in water. In the meantime, prepare the sauce mixing oil, vinegar, salt and sugar. Pour the sauce on the rice. To make the super sushi rolls, the rice must be combined with sliced ham, carrots, cheese and cucumbers. After you roll up the rolls, you cut them into slices and you eat them with soy sauce. As you can see, this is a super easy and fast dish to make and it does not require fish. Replace the raw fish with ham, add the rest of the above ingredients and surprise your guests with a stunning Japanese dish. Enjoy playing our brand new Super Sushi cooking game!