Super Barbie is injured and she needs emergency medical care. Her last adventure did not turn out as successful as she though. The superhero doll ended up with lots of body injuries that must be treated and healed. Super Barbie has wounds and bruises all over the body which must be cleaned and disinfected. Begin the emergency doctor intervention stopping the nose bleed and applying eye drops. Use a sterile cloth to clean up the injuries preventing them from getting infected. Check the heart beat and oxygen level. Remove any debris or foreign bodies using surgical pliers. Super Barbie is out of danger and she will soon recover. Cure the wounds covering them with healing cream and bandages. Heal the bruises using ice bags. Check for internal damages as well before letting your pretty patient go. The emergency treatment is over and your amazing doctor skills have been of great use to Super Barbie who feels much better now. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new management game!