Girls, the amazing super Barbie has many rivals. They like to compete on all areas of life, including fashion. Super Barbie wants to stop her super sisters from creating cuter outfits, so she will do her best to destroy their creations when they are not looking. In the game called Super Barbie Design Rivals you will need to make sure that she can use the sewing machine while her sisters are looking for fabric or checking the design for their superhero dresses. You can destroy their super heroine look, their party dress or their princess outfit. In Super Barbie Design Rivals you need to make sure she is not caught doing damages to the dresses, otherwise the sisters will get very angry and Super Barbie will be upset. Destroy the three outfits in the give time and make sure you are not too late. Work fast and accurate for the best results. Enjoy the game called Super Barbie Design Rivals!