It is a splendid day for an outdoor family barbecue. Light up your summer grill and let's enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon preparing lots of barbecue delicacies and sharing the latest neighborhood gossip. While the coal warms up the grill, slice up some veggies. Cut onions, eggplants, zucchini, a few tomatoes, green peppers and red peppers. Place them on the edges of the grill and add the meat in the middle. When it comes to a barbecue, any meat is allowed. Chicken, fish, pork and sausages are my choices, but you can fry any type of meat. Supervise the cooking process and turn the food on all sides to ensure it is properly cooked. You don't want to eat raw meat or overcooked vegetables. Quench the summer heat with a cold lemonade or a fresh fruit juice. Have a great time playing our brand new cooking game!