It is summer and it is time to eat a delicious summer flavored cake. Play summer flavored cake cooking game and make the summer flavored cake that you fancy eating this summmer. Summer is the season of fresh strawberries, cherries and blackberries, so you have lots of summer flavored cake alternatives. Make a strawberry summer flavored cake, a cherry summer flavored cake or a yummy chocolate summer flavored cake. Choose the table cloth you like the most and the best looking cake plate. You have lots of summer flavored cakes you can choose from and lots of cake toppings and cake fillings to decorate your cake with. Make a summer flavored chocolate chip cake and ornate it with biscuits or cream on the sides. Once your summer flavored cake is done and decorated, have the fork and the knife ready to cut the cake. What kind of drink goes better with your cake? Is it an orange juice, a lemonade or a cup of coffee? Enjoy cooking summer flavored cake!