I am in the mood for some sugared jelly candies today. Do you want some sugared jelly candies as well? I have this great sugared jelly candies recipe, which I want to share with you. Play Sugared Jelly Candies cooking game and learn to make delicious home made sugared jelly candies. Sugared Jelly candies are soft candies which can be prepared in various shapes and forms. Eating home made sugared jelly candies is better and healthier than eating the jelly candies from the supermarket. Just make sure you do not exaggerate with the quantity of sugared jelly candies you eat. To make this great candy dessert, we need sliced apples, sliced pears and sliced lemon, which we mix together with water in a pot on the cooker. Once the fruits are boiled, we separate them from the water. We add sugar in the sugared Jelly candies mixture and we leave it on the cooker again. Then we place the mixture in a tray and leave it in the fridge to cool down. Find out the rest of the cooking recipe playing Sugared Jelly Candies cooking game!