Vicky and Barbara are students at a private college which has its own school yard pool. The college girls love swimming and they chose this college because they liked the swimming pool a lot. Besides, there are lots of pool parties with water balloon fights organized here. Such a party is taking place today to welcome the new school year and the two bffs will be there. All the students in the campus are gathering for a fabulous fun time with lots of music, dancing and water balloon fighting. Swimsuits are a must have as well. Vicky and Barbara are getting ready for the party and they are eager to show off their new clothes, shoes and accessories. Dress the girls in girly chic dresses, high heels, bags and studs. A hot top and a mini skirt can make them the most popular girls at the party. Do their make up and hairstyle. Cleanse and freshen up their skin before applying the make up with fabulous facial beauty cosmetics. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!