Elsa has discovered the sweet taste of strawberries. She is madly in love with this yummy fruit that does wonders for the body being full of nutrients and vitamins. The Frozen princess has prepared a strawberry facial cream and mask which she is about to try on her skin complexion. Can you help her out applying the natural facial beauty cosmetics on her face? Make sure it is clean and spotless before though. Pamper Frozen Elsa with fabulous strawberry cleanser, toner, cream and mask. Don't stop here. Turn Elsa into a real strawberry princess doing her make up and dressing her up in gorgeous strawberry printed dresses like that red dress or the white gowns. Go for a plain pink dress or try a ruffled white shirt and green skirt attire combination. The new makeover suits Frozen Elsa marvelously and she cannot wait to wear her girly new outfits. Enjoy playing our hot new facial beauty game!