Welcome to a new online cooking class, girls! Today we make a brand new dessert recipe called sticky toffee pudding which will make your mouth water. This is a perfect back to school dessert, which you can savor with your classmates on your lunch break. Accompany me on this sweet adventure and let's have fun cooking this yummy toffee pudding. We need water, date, baking powder, sugar, butter, eggs, rum and flour. We mix all these ingredients in a blender and we bake the composition obtained in the oven. Next we mix sugar with butter and cream in a frying pan to make a creamy topping. We add this topping on the sliced pudding and we decorate the slices with some hazelnuts, whipped cream and mint leaves for a more savory flavor. You might be surprised with the end product as it might turn out to be different from what you expected. Have fun playing this new cooking game!