Would you choose sport or plastic surgery to get the perfect body, girls? Disney princess Fiona and her friend Merida have made their choices. Princess Fiona is going for a plastic surgery, while princess Merida is ready to try a less risky method eating a healthy diet and exercising. Which of the two fairytale princesses will get the best results? Play this awesome new surgery game to find out! Prepare Fiona for her liposuction surgery, then be her plastic surgeon and perform the surgical procedure. Mark the body areas that need liposuction, then use the surgical tools to remove the extra body fat. Bandage the wounds after sewing the cuts to prevent infections. The recovery process will take a few weeks. Let's see what Disney Merida does in the meantime. Well, she needs your nutritionist advice to eat the right food. Be her gym trainer as well and show her the most efficient weight loss fitness exercises. Have fun playing our brand new management game!