Have you ever seen Spongebob and Patrick babysit? Well, it is happening today and you should not miss this episode. Spongebob and his friend Patrick offered to babysit for a cute baby while the parents are out for a romantic underwater dinner. What can occur in a few hours? The baby will probably be sleeping this whole time and the two buddies will surely get bored. Spongebob and Patrick are in for lots of surprises however. The baby just woke up and must be fed. Diaper changing is in order as well. What should Spongebob and Patrick do if the baby starts crying? Help the popular cartoon characters care for the baby by fulfilling all the needs of the adorable toddler. Playing with toys and bubbly bubbles will make the baby happy. Dress up Spongebob, Patrick and the baby in pretty outfits mixing and matching clothes and accessories. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game! Check out Baby Barbie PJ Party and Baby Barbie Summer Photoshooting Prep baby games too!