Princess Sofia is having a fabulous time camping with her bff baby Barbie and their parents. She loves outdoor getaways to the mountains, countryside or the city park. Her father showed her how to make a camp fire and she wants to try it herself. Help her gather dry wood branches and pile them up in the designated fire spot. Place some rocks around the fire area to keep it from spreading. Sofia is cooking marshmallows and she wants you to join her. It is her favorite camping snack and she cannot wait to eat the yummy delicacies. Place a marshmallow piece on a stick and hold it above the camp fire until it is properly cooked. Don't burn the marshmallows paying attention to the cooking time. Sofia is ready to taste her first baked marshmallow. How about yourself? Enjoy the delicious camping dessert and have fun playing our brand new cooking game! Check out the newest dress up game just released by called Barbie Camping Princess!