Katie is going shopping at the mall with her bffs. It is quite cold outside and she cannot wear her designer high heel shoes. The best footwear choice would be a pair of snow boots. She has lots of fashionable snow boots in her closet, so which pair should she wear today? How about the nude leather ones or the chic fur booties? Dress up Katie for a fun shopping session at the mall. Pick a trendy sweater or blouse and match it with skinny jeans, fur jacket, scarf, hat and chic hand bag. Those knee high snow boots go well with a casual chic dress, leggings, leather overcoat, scarf and gloves. Design various dress up alternatives for each pair of footwear and pick the one you like the most for Katie to wear. Get inspired from her trendy and fashionable winter closet and have a great time playing our dress up game for girls! Enjoy it, ladies!