Are you ready to leave the busy city life for a small town vacation, girls? Carrie is a New York city girl used to mingling with the street crowd and noise. It is part of her job and lifestyle. Yet she chose a quiet small town as her vacation destination for the next couple of weeks. She wants to relax and recharge her batteries. What clothes should she wear in her chill out holiday? Some pretty chic summer dresses, plain or with floral prints will make her look really fashionable. Street casual tops and bottoms can be added to her suit case. A navy style striped t-shirt combined with denim suspenders skirt or jeans is a great dress up idea. She loves wearing comfy outfits, so how about a few loose tops, shirts and short pants? Dress up Carrie in lots of trendy vacation attires, matching the clothes with proper shoes and accessories such as a beach hat, stylish hand bag and girly sunglasses. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!