The cold weather is the perfect time to wear skinny leather boots. Check out the latest trends in women's footwear and find out how to look fashionable accessorizing them with the right clothes, bags and studs. Knee high skinny boots should be worn with long sleeves blouses or shirts, leather jackets or blazers, skinny jeans, short pants or skirts. Over the knee skinny boots go with a long sleeves mini dress, long coat and a trendy hand bag. Now that you know how to make the perfect dress up combination, use your fashion stylist skills to design lots of fashionable outfits for this cold season. Mix and match the tops, bottoms, over tops, bags, hairstyles, shoes and jewels in lots of casual chic attires which can be worn on the street, at the office or at the mall. Have an awesome time looking fabulous while playing this brand new dress up game!