Shrek is an ogre with a big appetite. His wife Fiona and the kids are out visiting their relatives and Shrek was left home alone. A great idea just came to him. How about surprising his family with a delicious dessert when they get back home? He is a bit inexperienced in the kitchen, but he does not want to give up his genius cooking idea. He has a brand new cookies recipe with yummy chocolate chips that he wants to prepare for his wife and children. To make his recipe work, he will need your amazing cooking skills, girls? Help the big green ogre cook delicious chocolate chip cookies, mixing the ingredients correctly for him. This is a great dessert for you and your family as well, so why not take advantage of it? Mix butter, sugar, milk, vanilla essence, salt and flour in a large bowl with a hand mixer. In another bowl you have to melt butter and chocolate together. Find out the rest of this new and delicious recipe playing this awesome cooking game!