Girls have two main hobbies, shopping and fashion. Barbara is a shopaholic and her impressive dressing room is the living proof. She has lots of feminine and fashionable dresses, tops, bottoms, studs, shoes, bags and geek chic glasses worthy of a true Upper East Side fashionista. She is going on a new shopping spree with her bffs in a few hours and she needs a shopaholic real makeover. Prepare Barbara with a facial beauty treatment, make up, hairstyle and outfit for her girls' day out at the mall. Some pimples are giving her a hard time and she has the perfect beauty cosmetics to remove them. Pluck her eyebrows and give them a trendy shape. Do her make up and style up her hair. Get acquainted with her fabulous shopaholic wardrobe and dress Barbara up in a casual street outfit. A girly chic top and mini skirt or shorts, funky jewels, trendy designer hand bag and matching sunglasses would make her look stunning. Pick a glam dress and high heeled shoes for her girls' night out clubbing. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game, ladies!