Welcome to the newest cooking class, ladies! Today I will show you how to make Scooby's cream cheese sugar cookies. We all know the cute dog character Scooby Doo from the cartoon and movie series. Well, Scooby is a gourmand and he especially likes eating sweets and desserts. Cream cheese sugar cookies are his favorites. Wanna learn how to make his favorite dessert? Get your pencil and notebook ready and write down the ingredients and the cooking instructions. Besides cream cheese and sugar, we also need butter, almond and vanilla extract, a sprinkle of salt, egg yolks and flour. Once the dough is ready, roll it with a rolling pin and cut it using variously shaped cutters like for example hearts or stars. Bake the tasty shapes in the oven and enjoy eating them with family, neighbors and friends. Now you can also be part of the cute dog's culinary adventures playing this brand new cooking game! Have fun!