Lydia is a pretty high school girl with a passion for exact sciences like Maths, Chemistry or Physics. Her school science class is next and she has a few more break time minutes to get ready. Join Lydia on her science class and have fun doing all sorts of experiments and scientific researches. The students usually wear a white gown on top of their school clothes or uniform, but today Lydia wants to look trendy and fashionable. Dress the girl up in a cute casual chic dress or match a colorful blouse with a girly skirt or trousers. A printed white t-shirt, denim jacket and skinny jeans will also look fabulous as a school outfit. Add a pair of geek chic hipster glasses and safety scientist gloves for a more intellectual and professional look. Prepare the necessary laboratory utensils so that everything is in place when the teacher walks in the classroom. Have a great time playing our brand new dress up game!