Autumn is a wonderful season, but it's also a chilly season and after the hot summer, everyone needs to dress a little warmer and we should all wear scarves. The summer scarves mania goes on during autumn and there's a very good reason why that happens. During the summer, scarves are a cute accesory but in autumn, we need scarves to keep us warm, not just to accesorize our outfits. Girls love scarves and our girl is no deifferent, so she wants to get a makeover before autumn starts and then the autumn scarves mania can start as well. She has hundreds of scarves of different colors and shapes and she wears them in a million ways. Sometimes she wears more than one scarf at the same time and it actually looks good. Enjoy learning about the autumn scarves mania and wear one yourself, girls! You wouldn't want to get a cold right now, would you?