Santa Claus is in the mood for a sweet dessert and he just asked his wife to make his favorite velvet cupcakes. He cannot wait for the Christmas Eve when he will ride in his reindeer driven sleigh and spread lots of gifts to well behaved children. Lots of cookies, gingerbread men and gingerbread trees will be waiting for him on living room mantelpieces. Don't forget to leave him a glass of warm milk as well to quench his thirst, kids! Santa is rubbing his belly at the thought of all these snack goodies. In the meantime, let's help his wife cook delicious velvet cupcakes for her beloved husband. Be her North Pole cook assistant and mix the ingredients she points out to you. Make the dough following her cooking recipe, place it in the special cupcakes tray and bake the little delicacies in the oven. When the baking process is finished, take out the small cakes and decorate them with whipped cream and toppings to get the desired look. Have fun playing this brand new cooking game!