Welcome winter with some delicious Rudolph red nose cupcakes. Santa's cute reindeers are a great source of inspiration for Christmas shaped cookies and small cakes. Find out how to make this yummy dessert and have it ready on the table on the Christmas Eve when Santa Claus sneaks the presents under the lovely decorated fur tree. To make the famous Rudolph red nose cupcakes, you need melted chocolate mixed with beaten eggs, vanilla and flour. Pour the resulting batter in paper cups and bake them in the oven. The fun part is about to start next, as you have to decorate the small cakes. Add chocolate topping first, then use chocolate and candy buttons to make the eyes and nose. Use pretzels for the mouth and horns. Now your cupcakes resemble a Rudolph happy face and you can enjoy them with your family and friends. Sip on a glass of milk or juice and sing a lovely Christmas carol as well. Have fun playing this new cooking game!