Being born in a royal family is a privilege that only the rich have. Being treated like a royalty can happen to anybody with or without blue blood running through their veins. This cute baby is going to be treated like a true prince by his family and relatives who are throwing a royal baby shower for him. The party is about to begin and the little boy is not dressed up yet. Help him put on a cute prince outfit and give him a trendy hairstyle. Before doing all these things, give him a warm bath, washing his body and hair. Keep him happy while he is in the bathtub giving him lots of toys to play with. Check his diaper before putting on his baby shower clothes and accessories. If the diaper smells suspiciously, then you must change it with a new clean one. Dress up the cute boy in a fancy prince uniform and crown. Add a toy sword and scepter to complete the outfit. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!