Since you were a little girl you've dreamed about being a guitarist in a famous rock band, and now your dream became a reality. Tonight you have a big concert and you're eager to rock the stage and also dazzle your fans with your new and awesome rock style clothes. See what your personal fashion adviser prepared for you and start mixing and matching so you get some spectacular outfits for a great rock look. Try on a pair of super cool skinny jeans, tights and stockings that go perfectly with a fashionable black, white or red top. You can look really stylish in a red or black mini skirt, a black minimalist top, black knee-high boots and a shining vest. Don't forget your glittery accessories like a hat, gloves and jewelry. Now get your fancy guitar, go on the stage and impress your audience with a great performance and a feminine and breath-taking rocker outfit. Have fun!