Soccer is very popular in the United States of America among girls. In Europe the equivalent of soccer is football and European girls are also playing football. Kate is an American soccer referee and she loves being on the field as a referee, giving red cards and blowing her referee whistle whenever the soccer playing rules get broken. Play red card referee dress up game and dress up the referee girl in fancy girly referee outfits. Today Kate is having a new soccer match and she must be on the soccer field in a few minutes. Dress up the American soccer referee girl Kate in a pretty referee attire and make sure Kate has the red card with her. Pick a black and white stripped top and bottom or a black and white stripped American soccer referee dress to dress up Kate with. Design various red card referee outfits and pick the most fashionable one for Kate to wear today. Accessorize Kate's referee outfit with pretty soccer or football socks and shoes. Don't forget the referee's red card, whistle and soccer ball. Enjoy playing red card referee dress up game!