Retro style is the new must wear fashion trend this summer, girls! Get inspired from this real retro clothing collection just released by a popular designer at the Paris fashion week. Whether you go to an elegant party or just for a walk on the street, dress up with style in chic and feminine outfits. Be a dazzling Marilyn Monroe wearing a retro evening gown. Try a glamorous little black dress which saves you from a dress up disaster all the time. That is why it is a must have item in your closet, girls! Go for a dazzling red, nude, white or pastel pink vintage gown design as amazing elegant dress up alternatives. If you want to look stunning on the street or at the beach, wear a casual navy style outfit. A white or blue sailor top combined with a stylish vintage skirt, heels and a fancy navy captain cap will make a sensational appearance. Replace the top and bottom with a dark purple dress and add a red scarf to give it a real feminine touch. Have fun playing our brand new dress up game for girls!