I have a fabulous dessert recipe for you, girls! It is called pumpkin ice cream and it makes your mouth water just by looking at it, let alone taste it. This is a great snack idea for Halloween, family weekends or hanging out with friends. Help me prepare the pumpkin puree, then we will have lots of fun preparing the spiced milk mixture. You get the chance to make a delicious home made ice cream from scratch. If you want to impress someone, serve them a glass cup with a few scoops of pumpkin ice cream, which you can decorate with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, waffles, cookies or fruits. Mix cinnamon, heavy cream, sugar, grated ginger, nutmeg powder, salt and milk in a pot and cook the milk mixture on the stove. Finish this cooking step adding egg yolk. This mixture is the base for your ice cream. Follow the rest of the cooking steps to get the real thing and have fun decorating it with your favorite toppings. Enjoy playing our new cooking game!