This cute Barbie princess has discovered her passion for painting. She is making the portrait of her prince boyfriend at the moment. He is in the living room waiting to pose as model. What dress should the beautiful princess wear today to impress her prince during the painting class? A strapless gown like for example that glam purple dress is a fab dress up idea. The pastel yellow top and purple chiffon skirt design looks as amazing and attractive. The pink sequin dress with bottom ruffles might be too elegant, being more ballroom appropriate rather. That colorful leaves printed gown looks like the best dress up alternative. It will turn Barbie into a gorgeous autumn princess. Go for the fairytale pink, yellow and blue gown instead. There are pretty tops and skirts which can be matched in many outfits as well. Add the right shoes, studs and paint brush. Have a marvelous time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!