Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. This nail salon has a special princess nails treatment for you, girls! Try the fabulous manicure and live a wonderful nail salon fairytale. The fantastic salon manicure session begins with hands pampering. Your hands will be cleansed and hydrated with beauty creams and lotions. A hand massage is also included. The attention moves to your nails next. Cuticles remover, cutting, filing and polishing will give your nails a sensational princess look. Pick the nail polish colors and patterns you fancy and apply them on. Go for a multi colorful manicure or stay true to just one shade or print, adding  girly glitter or glam gems on top. How about an adorable butterfly hand tattoo? A fancy bracelet, gold or diamond rings, princess tiara and dress complete the makeover. Have a great time playing our hot new nails game!