Talking Tom and Angela are celebrating their wedding anniversary today. A special dinner is in order. Angela wants to surprise Talking Tom with a homemade dinner instead of going to a restaurant. The only problem is that she is pregnant and she cannot do everything by herself. Go food shopping with pregnant Angela to the marketplace. Buy the ingredients necessary to cook the wedding anniversary dinner. Tick carrots, lettuce, potatoes, turkey meat, bread, oranges, butter and juice on the shopping list. The cute mom to be fancies an apple pie for dessert. That requires another shopping round. Don't forget to add the whipped cream either! Fantastic job! Unpack the shopping bags when you get home and start cooking. Cook the stuffed turkey first and decorate it with veggies. Top up the pie with yummy whipped cream and orange slices. Talking Tom will surely enjoy the delicious meal prepared by his pregnant wife. Have fun playing our newest cooking game!