Pou has guests for dinner tonight and he wants to surprise them with his cooking skills. He needs your help to prepare the dinner menu, as there are various dishes involved. You can find meat, sausage, fish, veggies, potatoes, cheese and fruits in his fridge. Use the ingredients and cook a real dinner feast. Pou is a bit hungry and he cannot wait until dinner time, so how about a snack? Fry that sausage and cut it into pieces, so Pou can eat it. Have fun cooking the meat, making a delicious pork chop steak with boiled potatoes and a yummy oven roasted fish with fried vegetables on the side. Make fresh fruit juice mixing apples, pears and carrots in the electric kitchen blender. The cute master chef invites you to join his dinner party, so have a wonderful time playing our brand new cooking game. Enjoy!