Pou is the happiest father in the world. His wife gave birth to the prettiest baby girl and the whole family is excited to welcome the newly born. Pou's life has chanced completely since the big event happened. He is very much involved in the upbringing of the little one from decorating the room to feeding, bathing and changing diapers. The cute baby just woke up in the middle of the night. Will Pou manage to stop the baby from crying and put her back to sleep? Caressing is the first step, then rocking in the arms, singing a song and playing with a pacifier. The little girl might be hungry and she needs bottled milk to fall asleep again. Take this chance to decorate her bedroom. Select pretty furniture, curtains, floor, walls and decorative objects to create a fabulous room decor. Which crib is the cutest? Add some paintings and framed photos on the wall nearest to the bed. A night lamp is a fabulous decorating idea. Have a blast playing our brand new baby game!