Join Pocahontas on a fabulous culinary adventure and learn from her how to make delicious Native American style cupcakes. Pocahontas is making mohawk milk cakes today and you are welcome to give her a helping hand in the kitchen. She needs you to grease the cake bundt pan first, then add flour and baking powder in it. Next mix milk with butter and heat them up in the oven. Leave the butter mixture to cool down and in the meantime make a new mixture mixing sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. Pour the butter mixture and the flour mixture over this last egg and vanilla mixture and blend them all together to get the cupcake dough. Fill up the cupcake paper cups with the mohawk milk cakes mixture and let it bake for a few minutes in the oven. Top up the cupcakes with whipped cream and colorful candy sprinkles. Enjoy this delicious dessert with Pocahontas, family and friends. Have fun playing this brand new cooking game!