What do you eat for breakfast, girls? Milk and cereals, bacon and eggs or maybe a sandwich? For me the perfect breakfast is pancakes and sausage. It may sound like a crazy combination, but it is actually very delicious. You should try it yourselves for your next breakfast. Here is how you can make my perfect pancakes! Pill off a few sausages and fry them in a heated pan with cooking oil or melted butter on it. I have the perfect pancakes recipe. Gather all the necessary ingredients to make the batter, mixing them up properly and in the correct order. You need four eggs, milk, salt, sugar, yeast, butter and flour. When the breakfast is ready, serve it with verdure, ketchup and a cup of tea. It looks really delicious and it has a divine taste. It is great for your weekend mornings when you don't have to rush to work or school. Enjoy playing our new cooking game!