Welcome to Papa's Wingeria, the place where you eat the best fried chicken wings in the city! Today you will be an excellent employee taking customers orders and preparing the food they come in for. Papa's Wingeria is a well organized restaurant. It has an order station where people place their orders. They are processed in the frying station. This is where the wings are cooked being dipped in hot cooking oil. The sauce station is where the food is covered in the desired sauce like BBQ or spicy flavors for example. The last cooking step at Papa's Wingeria is making the plate by adding side ingredients such as ranch and blue cheese dip, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and other veggies. The plate preparation happens in the build section. If the client is satisfied with the order, you will receive good tips. Do your best to cook the most delicious chicken wings ever. Enjoy playing our hot new cooking game!