There is a tacos eating contest at Papa's Taco Mia restaurant. The contestants are many and eager to eat as many tacos as they possibly can. Papa's Taco Mia is famous for its great food, being piled with customers every day. Get a training tour at Papa's Taco Mia and learn to make the most delicious tacos on the continent. The order station is the first place to stop at. Here the order is written down on a ticket which is passed on to the grill station where the cooking madness begins. The meat and tortillas are cooked on the grill, then the dish moves on to the build station where yummy toppings and sauces are added. Choose beef, pork, veal or chicken. Place the cooked meat in the taco shell and accessorize it with cheese, sliced onion, tomatoes, pepper, spicy sauce, mayonnaise and other ingredients. The order is ready to serve now. Enjoy playing our newest and fabulous cooking game!