Papa's Hot Doggeria just opened up next to the city stadium, a great venue for this kind of fast food, especially during the season. It is going to be a busy day as all season tickets are sold out for today's match. Papa's Hot Doggeria needs more employees and the training starts right away. Find out how to make the best hot dogs in town going through the training process. Take the customer order first, then prepare the order at the grill station. Cook the hot dog as ordered on the grill, then place it in a bun. At the build station you will add the toppings, like relish, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or pickles. Some clients fancy a side drink, so use the drink machine to get it ready. Learn to make side orders such as popcorn and French fries as well. Cooking is lots of fun at Papa's Hot Doggeria, a great place to work at. Have a great time playing our awesome new cooking game!